I started working with Jessica in 2016 because I was looking for someone to help me bring life back to my wardrobe. I’m a confident, professional woman but somehow my wardrobe had taken a back seat to the rest of my priorities leaving me feeling “blah” most of the time. When I did find time to shop, I was notorious for buying pieces that didn’t go with anything else or that I already had similar versions of which ultimately led me to spending money on clothes I probably would never wear.

Jessica was a true professional from the moment I met her. In our first meeting, she came to look at my “blah” wardrobe and somehow magically made it fabulous by piecing together things that I never would have thought to put together! I was worried at first that I would have to do a complete overhaul on my wardrobe and break the bank doing it but that wasn’t the case at all - Jessica simply worked her magic and revitalized my closet with the clothes I already had! She then worked with me to find new pieces to compliment my wardrobe giving it even more life and even gently pushed me out of my style comfort zone. When we were finished, my wardrobe looked fantastic, but more importantly, I felt amazing! It gave me more confidence and I certainly didn’t feel “blah” anymore – I felt brighter and had more pep in my step. And I can tell you – people noticed!

Jessica is professional, chic and full of class, but what makes her truly unique is that she genuinely cares about her clients and understands that it’s not only about helping you find your style, but that it’s also about how you feel when you do. I simply can’t recommend Jessica enough!

  • Nicole D.

A friend and fellow entrepreneur recommended Jessica’s services to me, and I am so glad she did. Jessica’s approach is focused and effective. She was able to help me articulate and execute exactly the feel that I wanted to convey with my look, with a minimum of fuss and time on my part. She is extremely flexible with hours and locations, which is a godsend to a young professional. She stayed well within my budget and used a lot of clothes that I already owned but never thought to combine. I get compliments all the time on my “new” wardrobe.

  • Morgan M.

I was stuck in a style rut and I felt like the money I was spending was going to "one piece wonders" that were way over priced. I was shopping all the time, yet had nothing to wear.

 Then I met Jessica, I was referred through my hairdresser who was styled by her. She helped me to clear my closet of all the stuff that didn't work on me or for me. She put together affordable outfits that mixed and matched with all my pieces. I now can look through my outfit photos and find an outfit to wear for any occasion.

I have also learned so much from her that I am able to put stylish outfits together myself. I feel so confident and reassured in my style now. Before I would wear the same few outfits all the time and now I look the way I always wanted to....fabulous!

  • Leslie M.

Hiring Jessica is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Shopping and putting outfits together used to be a source of distress in my life. I felt overwhelmed and anxious when I shopping and frustrated when I came home with clothes that didn’t seem right. After being hired for a consulting position, I knew I needed help. Jessica gave me more than I hoped for. She listened carefully to what I wanted and put together outfits that suited my personality. I become more confident at work and at social events. Now I feel at ease and empowered because I have clothes in my closet that are just right for me.

  • Joyce Y.

It was a joy working with Jessica and I found a new style that worked for me! She is very knowledgeable in the fashion industry and I felt comfortable in her decision making. Although she is confident in her skills, at the same time respected my decisions. Jessica takes into consideration a number of factors unique to each client and tailors her solutions to suit your needs (no pun intended!). Happy with my new wardrobe and looking forward to putting it to good use!

  • Derek N.

Jessica is amazing. I was in need of a refresh after having a baby. And Jessica went seriously above and beyond to help accommodate me attending to my baby but also meeting my needs of purging my closet, organizing it, and selecting an array of outfits.
I will continue using her service for years to come as it has helped simplify my life and anxiety on a daily of what to wear! Jessica your amazing <3

  • Raimona U.

I first met Jessica at a networking event - she was so delightful, beautifully styled and I was instantly drawn to her. I felt I had fell in a style rut myself and was feeling dowdy. Jessica was diligent in her mission to help that - she brought me pieces that stimulated my wardrobe and my energy because when you’re dressed good you feel good. Thank you for all of your work in helping me feel amazing again! Stay fabulous!

  • Pamela G.