closet audit


Are you utilizing 100% of your wardrobe? Chances are you are not utilizing even 50% of it. Pieces you once loved feel drab. The Closet Audit allows you to see your wardrobe in a new way. We will purge the unnecessary clutter, as well as find new possibilities for tired pieces. We are constantly evolving and naturally our style follows. Lets make sure the pieces in your wardrobe align with your personality, career, age and lifestyle. Your wardrobe is a reflection of YOU.

personal shopping

You can tame your existing wardrobe and know how to create your perfect outfits, BUT your wardrobe needs some versatile new additions. You either do not know where to shop, what to buy or just simply do not have the time to do it. This is where I come in. We start with an initial consultation, during which I establish your style and take your measurements. Once the consultation is completed, I hit the shops. I return to you after the shopping process is completed. No need drive all over the city, follow me around the stores and enter countless change rooms where you are constantly dressing and undressing. I bring the shopping to you. Sounds amazing, right? It is! I will bring you a huge selection of new potential additions for your wardrobe. You will have the opportunity to try them all on and choose the pieces that want, love and need.

Personal Styling

You completed your own purge. You are confident that you have what you need. The problem is you do not know how to utilize the pieces to their full potential. You may know the basic combinations, but you want someone to tell you the other five, ten or fifteen outfit options for that top you love. I am your gal. I will decode your wardrobe and put together looks for every occasion, whether you need casual, business, formal or all of the above and more! I will also teach you some of my tips and tricks that will help you style yourself in the future.

customize your own package

You do not fit a specific mold. Your needs require two out of three services or three out of three services with another service that is not listed (ex. designing/building a new closet or inventory of your expensive watches/designer handbags for your home insurance, etc.). Do not worry! You are not the only one. Many of my clients have been in your shoes. Book your initial consultation. I will assess your needs and we can build your package together. A quote will be provided based on the extent of the work.

wardrobe restyle package 

Let me start by congratulating you on finally investing in YOU!

This package consists of:

Establishing Your Style

We start with an initial consultation. During that consultation, I have asked you a series of questions, which have helped me determine your personal style and your wardrobe goals.

The Purge

We are going through it ALL. You are going to try on every piece of clothing, footwear and accessories that you own. I will tell you what works and what will have to go. No need for One Time Wonders or unnecessary, overwhelming clutter. During the purge, I will put together a list of versatile additions that you need for a fully functioning new wardrobe!

Personal Shopping

Once we complete the purge, I am off to shop! I take that list that I put together during the purge and I hit the shops. No need to join me, because on the next day I bring the shopping to you!

Personal Styling

The second day is when we combine the old and the new. I help you put together outfits with your existing wardrobe and your new additions. There will be many variations of each outfit to show you just how versatile your wardrobe can be. You will try on every outfit I put together to be sure that it does not just look good, but it feels good too. I will also photograph each outfit so that you will have a personal Look Book to reference every time you go to get dressed.


I do not just make a mess, but I help you clean up too! I will make sure we organize your wardrobe in a way that is functional and inviting.

Wardrobe Restyled

I leave you with a fully functioning, stress-free wardrobe and all the tools you need to maintain it.

Shopping Guides

My love for travel is almost equivalent to my love for shopping. You know what that means? I've got the insider information on your next vacation spot! I have shopping guides for Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Paris, etc. The list goes on! If I have been there, I will have a guide available. I will customize every shopping guide based on your unique style. I will let you know where to get the best deals and where to find hidden gems that are perfect for you!

Pack My Luggage

The day of your departure is quickly approaching and you are already in Vacay Mode! Packing can be stressful and time consuming. Allow me to help you take vacation relaxation to the next level!  I will pack your luggage, photograph your outfits for reference and make sure your luggage contains the essentials for a stylish and stress free holiday. The days of over packing are O-V-E-R! This is especially valuable to my ladies and gents that like to shop when they travel and often find their luggage overweight or find they typically need to purchase secondary luggage.